The foundation of PAD’s approach resides in the core partnership of founders, Sang-jung Han Architect and Junseung Woo Architect, Joo-young Shin Photographer. Since 2013, the two architects and a photographer have worked side by side to create a design firm founded on the rigors of quality design and high-level project execution. The work of PAD includes all aspects of Architecture and digital media. The firm maintains a professional studio of design and technical talent committed to delivering the highest standard in design quality and client service. PAD, a leading international design practice, offers services in architecture, interior design, master planning, graphics Design, photo and building consultancy within Korea

Sangjung Han

“Architectural Design Team of SK E&C (Seoul)“
“Architectural Design Team of SK D&D (Seoul)“
“Jun Itami a Research Institute (Japan/Seoul)”
“SOA Architect (Paris)

Jooyoung Shin

Jooyoung Shin is a photographer specialising in shooting action, graphic and editorial pictures
for advertising, corporate and editorial clients.

Office Group

Architecture & Interior Lab.
Design Lab.
Material Research Lab.
Photo Studio .